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Film Financial Analyst

My core competency is in film budgeting and forecasting.

I also serve as a content analyst that utilizes market data and survey analysis to predict the success of a given project. 

I've worked for multiple entertainment companies and my primary goal in the financial field is to see the cost of entertainment content decline while simultaneously increasing the quality of the product.

I believe this can be achieved by reviving and returning key facets of the manufacturing model to the film business.

I aim to combine creativity and technology to develop cost efficiencies that will radically transform filmmaking.




Financial Analyst


Data Analytics Intern

(Kingdom Story Company)

  • Developed and retooled client business plans to implement the use of key performance indicators, sustainable competitive advantages, SWOT analysis, and strategic positioning strategies.

  • Completed and aided business plans that solicited significant capital investment.

  • Implemented cost analysis, accounting, and forecasting solutions.

  • Researched and identified market pricing strategies.


  • Implemented risk assessment practices that identified critical short-term distribution risks and mid-term financing conflicts. Identified

  • Analyzed, identified, and developed product distribution timelines.

  • Coordinated and executed film production and post-production workflows.

  • Identified company growth opportunities through a differentiation premium price strategy.


Hard Skills

  • Microsoft Office - Excel, Powerpoint, Word

  • Financial Analysis, Modeling, and Forecasting

  • Cost Analysis, Accounting, and Forecasting

  • Strategic Research, Planning, and Analysis

  • Quantitative Analysis

  • Data, Inventory, and Supply Chain Analysis

  • Pitch Deck Investor Presentations

  • Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling

  • Film Editing : Avid Media, Final Cut Pro

  • Post-Sound: Pro Tools



Lionsgate Financials (Excel)

The 2015-2019 spreadsheet breakdown of Lionsgate's financials. Analysis pending release.

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