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Mothers and Daughters

Socially Omega (short)


Old Devil Look (short)

Home Run

Tim, Support role, Paul Duddridge, Director with Courteney Cox, Christina Ricci, Susan Sarandon, Sharon Stone and Selma Blair among the main characters in Los Angeles, CA.


Lead, co-wrote with producer and assisted in learning production process and directed by Lyndon Chubbuck in Hollywood, CA.

David Smith, Support, Andy & Jon Erwin, Directors in Alabama.

Lead, Michael Olson, Director and Producer in Texas.

Bulldogs baseball player, Support, first role, David Boyd, Director in Oklahoma.                                                            


Scandal Made Me Famous

The Middle

Ethan Couch, Lead, Rijaa Nadeem

High School Student, Support, Lee Shallat Chemel and Eileen Heisler, Dirs. working with Eden Sher


Demo, film

Demo Reel 

Included is a shorter, current mix between film, TV and a live musical production from demo below. See David's versatility from reacting a true story of Ethan Couch to comedy on "The Middle" to playing a disabled kid in a Christmas musical that captured the audiences attention with his humor.

Demo Reel - Longer version

Included is a mix between film, TV and a project for Microsoft's Minecraft online gaming system that holds conventions worldwide called Minecon. Minecon opened the door for hosting in front of a live audience in Anaheim, CA both present and online (estimated 45,000 live and over a million views via YouTube and Twitch. It showcases drama to comedy as well as a hair color change to play a role of Courteney Cox's son in "Mothers and Daughters".

Socially Omega

(short film)

Helped co-write short film and learn production process. Submitted to film festivals, Also mail lead.

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