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Pharmaceutical - Veltin

AAA (American Automobile Assoc)


HSBC (U.K. bank)

10 Second Challenge

What Makes VCS Great

Lead, Greg Lyons, Exec Producer, Brazen Animation in Dallas, TX. Target market - dermatologist with the Veltin product by Aqua Pharmaceuticals, an Almirall company.

Lead, Liberal Media Films in Dallas, TX. Showcase software online by AAA.

Lead, Rani Melendez, Traktor in Los Angles, CA for one of the largest banks in the world, located in the U.K.


Lead, Shape Your Future Foundation, promotion to encourage healthy living and eating for a foundation NBA start Kevin Durant supports.

Support, Deanna Spyres, Producer, promotion for private school located in Oklahoma.



Commercial showcase in Europe and over the internet for one of the top 5 banks in the world, USBC, located in U.K.


Minecraft Adventure

Co-Host, Steve Wilson, Writer, Producer, Multi-Play in United Kingdom


Demo reel to showcase the variety of work within commercial work. Below provides voice over for animation in the video game world.

MineCon - Minecraft


September 2016

What an incredible experience to do a live show in Annaheim, CA in front of 13,000 fans of Minecraft video game. I had fun doing voice over work and playing Tim of Timland.

Voice Over and Host -  video games

Voice over work for the animation done by Element Animation inconjunction with Multiplay for the Minecon 2016 event held in Annaheim, CA in front of 13,000 attendees and live online views over 30,000 when hosting the opening and closing ceremonies.

Microsoft owns Mojang, the software company who created Minecraft video game software. Microsoft Studios oversaw the MineCon event.

Opening Ceremony with live stage hosting mixed with interaction and merging in to animation through the portal.

Closing Ceremony to cap off the MineCon 2016 event for 13,000 attendees and over 30,000 watching live feed through multiple live feeds via YouTube and Facebook.

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